Indian society is in a state of transition. Economic growth, globalization and urbanization are fast changing the lifestyle of the population - contributing to the emergence of a new set of agendas for public heath planning and interventions in the country. The rural heartland of the country are particularly vulnerable to such dynamic events , being in a state of flux and often, in turmoil - as the milestones of development advance and reshape economy, culture, values. Capturing this evolving socioeconomic and demographic frame in the context of the prevailing health care situation will provide the much needed matrix for bio medical and health policy research, fostering human development in the country.

The Society for health and demographic surveillance is involved in the organization, maintenance and research involving a Rural Population Cohort 59,545 persons residing in 13,088 households spread over 351 villages in four community development blocks in Birbhum District, West Bengal. “BIRPOP” (Birbhum Population Project) provide a frame for time point as well as longitudinal epidemiological studies of vital events, health problems, social changes, economic swings, demographic shifts in this population. Maintenance of a data warehouse useful in health planning, interventions and its social impact, creation of a platform for public health research academia and guiding health policy in the country are some of the targets of the society.

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Our Mission

Develop, test and promote realistic solutions guiding planning of major public health problems faced by the Indian people and improve the understanding of natural history and biology of diseases of public health priority are essential in order to guide interventions.


Our Vision

To create an institution, which fosters health and demographic research for innovations in health care, impacting on the country’s health policy.


Our Objectives

To plan, organize, develop and maintain a health and demographic surveillance system (HDSS) that will help providing information for health planning and human development in West Bengal.